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The Ultimate Pool Cleaning Checklist for Your Home

Pool cleaning is an important part of keeping your pool in good shape. But how often should you clean your pool? And what tools should you use? This guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Start with a thorough inspection.

Before you start any pool cleaning project, make sure you do a thorough inspection of your pool. Look at the water level, check the filter, and see if there are any leaks. If you notice anything out of place, call a professional right away.

Remove debris from the filter.

Once you’ve checked the filter, remove debris from the filter by using a vacuum cleaner with a skimmer attachment. This will prevent clogs and blockages.

Test the water quality.

If you notice any discoloration or other signs of algae growth, test the water quality. Algae can cause serious damage to your pool's pump and filtration system.

Clean the skimmer basket.

To prevent algae growth, make sure your skimmer basket is cleaned regularly. A dirty skimmer basket can clog up with debris and allow algae to build up.

Scrub the sides and bottom of the pool.

If you notice any signs of discoloration at the sides or bottom of the pool from algae growth, use a garden hose to scrub the sides and bottom of your pool. Don’t forget to check the filter baskets and screens as well.

If you need a hand cleaning your pool or getting safe chemical levels, call us today at 262-269-2470

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Pool cleaner testing water
Testing pool water

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